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( Donate to SETI@home at: http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/sah_donate.php )
Dear shu,

The SETI@home team has achieved much progress in the past year.  We have successfully started the next phase of SETI@home by distributing data recorded with the new seven beam data recorder.  This data is being analyzed with a new "Multi-beam" version of SETI@home, which was released in July.  With the new data recorder, we are looking at seven places in the sky simultaneously while recording fourteen times as much data as before. This means we need more volunteers like you to help us process this data. So please, tell a friend about SETI@home.

But there is still far more to be done. Although we are pleased with the success of last winter's funding drive, and grateful for the generosity of our donors, we are still operating with minimal funds. These budget constraints have forced us down to less than 3 full time employees.  With more funds we hope to hire an additional person to maintain the servers and web site.  This would free our existing employees to work on a method of sifting through the results returned by your computers in order to identify candidates more rapidly so we can re-observe them. This rapid response validation system would also give you the ability to see the results your computers have returned in more detail.

To keep SETI@home operating for the next year, and to provide these new capabilities, we will need to raise approximately $476,000. Currently SETI@home is entirely funded by donations from people like you.

We hope that you will consider making a donation to SETI@home at this time.
You can make a secure donation by credit card by clicking on the link at the top of this e-mail. Instructions for donation by check or money order are there as well. Unless you specify otherwise, your donation will be noted by a star icon next to your username on the SETI@home pages and your username will appear on our list of donors. If you do not wish to have this recognition you may indicate that as well. Please be assured that regardless of whether or not you choose to have your donation be anonymous, SETI@home will not share your address with other organizations.

You can check on our fundraising progress by visiting our main site at http://setiathome.berkeley.edu.

Thank You,

  Charles H. Townes
    (Nobel Laureate, Inventor of the Laser and Optical SETI Pioneer)
  Dan Werthimer
    (Chief Scientist, SETI@home)

For more information about how to donate see:


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